French Horn Lessons

french horn lessons

The aspect we work with the most in the french horn lessons is the technique. It is very important to create a good base on which to build upon. In these lessons you are going to study the ‘Penzel school’ for horn. This method is very simple and technique-orientated. It helps to build the facial muscles very well and teaches to play with a healthy amount of air.

In these lessons we are going to cover these subjects:

  • basic theory
  • sound quality
  • range
  • flexibility
  • articulation
  • artistic quality

Beginner Lessons

Learn basic music theory, playing technique to read sheet music. Recommended lesson length – 30 min

Intermediate Lessons

Improve your playing technique, music theory and understanding of the instrument. Recommended lesson length – 45 min

Advanced Lessons

Prepare for Conservatory, University auditions. Master the instrument and the French horn repertoire. Recommended lesson length – 60 min

By the Hour

1 Time Classes

€60/hr excl. VAT