10x French Horn Lesson

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275.00 incl. VAT
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This is a deal package of 10x French Horn Lesson.

The aspect we work with the most in our french horn lessons is technique. It is very important to create a good base on which to build upon. In these lessons we use Penzel school for horn. This method is very simple and technique orientated. It helps to build up the facial muscles very well and teaches to play with a healthy amount of air.

In these lessons we are going to cover these subjects:

  • basic theory
  • tone quality
  • range
  • flexibility
  • articulation
  • artistic quality

The French horn lessons are suited for any player level. The study plan will be adjusted to your needs and capabilities.

More information about the instrument on Wikipedia.

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Available times for private lessons:

Monday: closed

Tuesday: 12-20

Wednesday: 12-20

Thursday: 12-15, 18-20

Friday: 12-20

Saturday: 12-18

Sunday: closed


French horn lessons are available at the location in Amersfoort and depending on availability and distance, also at your location. Arrangements can be made after purchase.


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