Music Theory Lesson

45.0060.00 incl. VAT

45.00 incl. VAT
60.00 incl. VAT

In the music theory lessons we are going to learn all about the theoretical aspect of music. These lessons are meant as an auxiliary course to further your skills in instrumental music and for musicians who are purely interested in the theoretical aspect of music.

The music theory lessons are suited for any student level. The study plan is fully adaptable to your needs.

In these lessons we are going to cover these subjects:

  • notes
  • intervals
  • chords
  • clefs
  • times
  • accidentals
  • articulations
  • tonality
  • basic scales (major, minor)
  • advanced scales (modes)
  • music instrument groups
  • transpositions
  • harmony
  • polyphony
  • form

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Available times for private lessons:

Monday: closed

Tuesday: 12-20

Wednesday: 12-20

Thursday: 12-15, 18-20

Friday: 12-20

Saturday: 12-18

Sunday: closed