Kirby – Gourmet Race – for Horn Quartet

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"Gourmet Race", also known as "Get Up and Go-Urmet!" and "Gourmet Go Go", is a musical track that first appeared in the Gourmet Race game of Kirby Super Star, and has since reappeared in numerous titles in the Kirby series, mainly in re-orchestrated and remastered varieties. It is often associated with King Dedede, but is not his main theme. It is also commonly associated with the Fountain of Dreams.

According to composer Jun Ishikawa, the direction he was given for composing the piece was "a song in the vein of an athletic meet". He eventually had the idea to make it more fitting by incorporating a ska rhythm, and after this, he finished the melody in a flash of inspiration.


Composer: Jun Ishikawa

Instrumentation: 4 french horns

Genre: Game music

Level: Advanced


You can listen to the arrangement on YouTube

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